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read my article about Summize, Twitter investor Fred Wilson commented "great post"

"Twitter starts Web Data Mining with Summize"

I also see a big potential in Twitter.

Why did Twitter buy Summize?

“Summize’s mission is to search & discover the topics and attitudes expressed within online conversations.”

Jay Virdy: “At Summize, we assembled a small, quirky, but highly efficient and experienced team to build a powerful platform to extract user opinions from blogs and review sites. Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, our cacographic Chief Scientist, applied machine learning techniques to understand how users express sentiment using common words and polarizing phrases.

Om Malik: “Just as AdSense serendipitously turned Google into a giant cash register, with Summize, Twitter can take the first step towards a business model.”

See also the startup Peer39 - they are also doing Sentiment Analyis and their business model is Advertising - http://www.peer39.com/

"The next revolution in advertising? Peer39 thinks it’s semantics"

Peer39’s firepower comes from a set of executives and board members with backgrounds in either semantics or advertising. Eytan Elbaz is on their board. He helped invent Google AdSense and sold Applied Semantics to the search giant.

Andrea Merida

It will be really interesting to see what they come up with. As long as the business sponsorships are small an unobtrusive, I guess it would be ok. The main thing is that if they get this wrong, then we're all on to the next big thing!

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